Images with Type

So I’ve been playing around with introducing Type into some of my photography and thought I should display them here, these shots aren’t brand new but I felt they were probably worth a mention. All… Continue reading

Impossible image project

Impossible image project As our last project for Digital imaging we were asked to create an impossible image. An impossible image is a photograph that looks like real life but clearly cannot be,… Continue reading

Poster Design

We were asked to design a poster for the Natural History Museum in Dublin for our visual communications module, these are a few of the ideas I came up with. The posters were… Continue reading

Photography portfolio

Location: Howth, Co.Dublin Theme: The Seaside I chose Howth as the location for my portfolio. I wanted to portray the daily activity in the area as well as its connection with the ocean… Continue reading

Test shots

This is a collection of test shots from the portfolio Contact sheet