Poster design – Dark night of the soul

I really liked the artwork for Sparklehorse’s album “dark night of the soul”, so I decided to create a poster for it. The photos and artwork as far as I know were created… Continue reading

A little bird

A while ago I came across a website called 3EyedBear which specialises in paper-craft models. I decided to make one as a prop for some photographs. I used a work lamp on my desk to… Continue reading

Photographing the sky

A little collection of photos I took of the sky, I’ve found that you can get pretty nice results by just watching the skyline and trying to compose a shot with what you… Continue reading

Double Exposures

I was browsing the web today and found some double exposure images that really inspired me, so I thought I would do some of my own. Over the past year or two I’ve accumulated a… Continue reading

Sunrise at Warrenpoint.

I took these at Warrenpoint in Co.Down a few months ago when the sun was rising. All the shots taken were hand held. The sun was so intense it was a great opportunity to catch… Continue reading

Neutral Density – Blurring the Landscape

My new ND filter arrived in the post about three weeks ago and this is the second time I have got to use it. I took these shots at Malahide beach in Co.Dublin,… Continue reading

Wallpaper Design – Two

Two new wallpapers I made today, on Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Photoshop CS. Both are free to use and repost as long as credit is given. Both are 1920×1080. I’ll be making a… Continue reading

Wallpaper design

My first attempt at designing a deskop wallpaper. I wanted to create something with an earth or living feel to it, and this is what I came up with. I made this using… Continue reading

Floating in a most peculiar way

Some levitation photos I made today. If you like these feel free to click over onto my Flickr page to the right. Step one: Using a tripod take a picture of the scene… Continue reading

Dawn at the beach

Location: Malahide beach, Dublin, Ireland. Time: Eight AM We arrived at the beach at eight O clock. We were greeted by this giant flock of birds flying overhead, screeching and flapping and flying particularly low. The… Continue reading