Double Exposures

I was browsing the web today and found some double exposure images that really inspired me, so I thought I would do some of my own. Over the past year or two I’ve accumulated a stupid amount of images that I have no use for, but couldn’t bring myself to delete. Finally I found a use for them!

This can be done “in camera” also, but I find it works just as well in Photoshop. I’ve seen works like this combined with vectors in Illustrator, but I haven’t tried this yet. Its only moderately difficult and not too hard to figure out (I’ve only really been using Photoshop for around 8 months). If your trying to do one of these yourself, try to find an image with a mostly white background and a dark interesting subject, then choose an image to go on top and use the appropriate blending mode that suites. I applied a light texture afterwards because I felt it was a little blank. I find these look great monotone but I’ve seen some great ones with colour too.

Feel free to show me yours and tell me what you think! There will be more coming soon hopefully.