Neutral Density – Blurring the Landscape

My new ND filter arrived in the post about three weeks ago and this is the second time I have got to use it. I took these shots at Malahide beach in Co.Dublin, on a particularly windy day. It was a pretty bright day so I set my aperature to its max setting of  f/22  and used a shutter speed of 15 seconds for the first two shots and 30 for the last shot.
I was going for that creamy long exposure look with silky looking water and a streaky sky. I’ll be trying this again on a darker day with a longer exposure to achieve a better effect.

Processing was done in Adobe Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex pro 2.

The equipment I used was:

  • Nikon D3100
  • Nikkor 35mm f1.8D
  • B+W ND110 filter which I ordered from Amazon UK, It costs about 80 euro.