Floating in a most peculiar way

Some levitation photos I made today. If you like these feel free to click over onto my Flickr page to the right.

  • Step one: Using a tripod take a picture of the scene without a subject.
  • Step two: Add a stool/chair and have the subject pose any way you would like, in this case I asked him to grab onto the radiator like he was going to float away.
  • Step three: Open Adobe Photoshop and import these images. Set the layer with the subject as the top layer, and create a layer mask.
  • Step four: Using the brush tool, brush out the stool/chair until your satisfied. I prefer using a brush of a medium hardness as the result isn’t as lagged at the edges.
  • Step five: Save .
  • Step six: (optional) Import to adobe Lightroom and edit in Nik Color Efex, to get the desired look you would like. Save and adjust levels/curves in lightroom.