Dawn at the beach

Location: Malahide beach, Dublin, Ireland.

Time: Eight AM

We arrived at the beach at eight O clock. We were greeted by this giant flock of birds flying overhead, screeching and flapping and flying particularly low. The birds dispersed as we got closer and we were left with a giant silence and the force of the morning wind. We stepped up toward the sand dunes of the beach and continued on through, closer to the peachy horizon.  This was one of our first times getting up to photograph the sunrise.  I had already taken more shots that I like, than I had expected to get in the entire morning; the sun wasn’t even up yet. I was shooting with my D3100 and a Nikkor 35mm prime lens and an 18-135mm. The shots were processed with Adobe Lightroom and some were given a slight treatment in Nik HDR efex.

We continued on through the dunes and onto the beach which was quickly becoming half lit by the sunrise just over the horizon.

As we continued down the beach I found a spot that I would like to shoot the sunrise from and tried to form a composition.

I came out with this shot, which I’m not as pleased with as the others. Some of my sunrise shots were ruined by sensor dust, but I managed to fix up this shot which I don’t think is half bad. I will definitely be coming here again for sunrise.