Kitten Cottage – Waiting for new homes

I visited the Kitten Cottage today in Co.Cavan, Ireland. I was helping out with shooting a small documentary when I took these shots.

Design Week 2012

Some pictures from design week 2012

Madrid 2012

I took these shots a few months ago while I was in Madrid.  

T-shirt design

A design I submitted to for voting.

Multiple Exposure Portraits – Part 2

  Some more multiple exposure portraits I made today using “in-camera” processing and Adobe Lightroom for black and white conversion

Multiple exposure portraits

A while back I posted some Multiple exposure pictures that I made using photos I had already taken and edited using Adobe Photoshop. None of those photos were made “in camera” and I… Continue reading

Ideas for prints

I’ve had a serious craving for printing my work in the past few months like I do with all of my Photographs. I drew up some ideas for prints in Adobe Illustrator and… Continue reading

Unfinished business

I was was on the way back to my car earlier on when I noticed some building projects that had been abandoned, and decided to photograph them. It was a really dreary day with constant… Continue reading

Framing – Circles

These were made using clipping masks in Adobe Illustrator. I thought they might look good printed and framed.

Typography Posters – Quotes

I made some simple Typography posters today in Adobe Illustrator. I never usually know what I want to write when I’m making something with typography, so I picked a couple of quotes. I… Continue reading